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Refugees in the World
Food Insecurity Around the World

490 million people in Africa live under the poverty line.

The conflict in Ukraine has triggered a global food crisis, posing grave threats to children worldwide.

Escalating wheat prices have the potential to endanger the lives of millions of children in highly vulnerable regions, particularly Africa, as they face the looming specter of hunger-induced illness and even death. In regions like South Sudan and the Sahel, long-standing conflicts have persistently obstructed access to essential food supplies.

In Kenya, an alarming 3.5 million individuals are grappling with severe hunger, while in Somalia, it is estimated that up to 1.5 million children may confront the dire consequences of acute malnutrition by October.

To compound matters, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates the repercussions of conflict and climate change, driving millions of children worldwide to the brink of starvation. While there is no vaccine for hunger, there is a viable solution at our disposal if immediate action is taken.

Join Us to Help These Orphans

The challenges faced by orphans around the world are both heart-wrenching and multifaceted. These vulnerable children have experienced the profound loss of one or both parents, leaving them without the vital love, care, and guidance that every child deserves.

Orphans Crisis

The lack of access to quality education is another significant hurdle. Orphaned children often encounter barriers to schooling, limiting their opportunities for personal development and future success.


Estimated Number of Orphans: According to UNICEF, there were approximately 140 million orphans worldwide in 2020.


Orphans often face significant educational barriers. According to UNESCO, around 30% of orphans worldwide do not attend primary school.

What Is Causing these World Crisises?

We are driven by the desire to protect the hope and happiness of young people, especially when they face the distressing realities of abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Witnessing the resilience and bravery displayed by young individuals on a daily basis, we are profoundly inspired to assist them in overcoming their most daunting life obstacles.

Today, we are intensifying our efforts to safeguard hope and happiness during a time when they are facing unprecedented challenges. Our objective and vision are rooted in the aspirations of the youth, aiming to establish enduring transformations that will benefit both the present generation and future ones.

Thanks to you, we’ve raised over $100,000 across all of our programs combined! Let’s keep it up!
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